Booking as you travel in Thailand

Last year I went to Thailand with my boyfriend for a couple of weeks and we only booked our first hotel when we left. We stayed initially in Pattaya in a hotel called Citin Loft which was, by the way, lovely if you are planning on staying in Pattaya, and went to the shopping centre on the beach front to buy ourselves a sim card.


Whilst I am aware that Pattaya is a little more built up than a lot of places in Thailand, it is unlikely you’ll be landing in Thailand somewhere you can’t find an AIS. AIS is the largest Thai mobile company and is probably the best and safest place to go. We got ourselves an awesome deal – we bought a traveller sim card with 1.5mb of data on it from the store and got it open and ready to use then and there so that we could book our hostel in Bangkok whilst we were on our coach. It also meant that we could get up our confirmation email when we arrived at midnight during the curfew at the hotel when they claimed they didn’t have our booking, definitely saving our bacon!DSC_1529 AIS do a lot of really awesome deals, including the group travelling sims so that you can be connected and also use google maps if you’re totally lost! I know sometimes the reason to get away to these places is to leave modern life behind, but taking some technology can definitely help!

Click here to go to the AIS website to see all of their deals 🙂

199 Bahts, 299 Bahts and 459 Bahts, respectively (£3.85, £5.77 and £8.86)

travellersim_199 travellersim_299 travellersim_459



8 thoughts on “Booking as you travel in Thailand

  1. faze-five says:

    These are great tips for Thailand, as a resident of Bangkok, I often don’t appreciate what it must be like coming here as a tourist and not knowing where to go or what to do. So having good tips you can rely on must be a godsend for tourists.


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