Berlin’s Rent Cap

This is completely different to what I usually post about but I guess it’s talking about Europe and different cities.

I’ve just read about Berlin putting a rent cap on their properties where landlords can’t charge more than 10% more than the local average. Although this means that there will still be a high local average, it does mean that the increase in rent prices won’t go up as high.

The managing director of the Berlin’s Tenants’ Association, Reiner Wild, was quoted as saying, “We don’t want a situation like in London or Paris.The reality in Paris or London is that people with low income have to live in the further-out districts of the city.” This is something I very much understand. Even though my university is in the suburbs still, we were forced to look further out so that we have to travel further and some people are commuting from outside London to avoid the ridiculous rent prices.

As people are now not being able to afford London rent prices and many homes being kept empty as second homes to the elite, people are now being forced out of London and the regions around the city, including Surrey, are slowly becoming too expensive.

I would love to see London follow suit, but I think it’s unlikely. Let me know your thoughts!

Edit: got some extra information from someone on twitter stating that one of the problems in London may be that a large number of MPs are landlords in London. If these landlords are the ones in charge of this possibly happening, it seems even more unlikely that London will do the same!

Photo credit: Berlin-Zeitgeist /Alamy



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