Booking your Indian Visa

Just posting this because I have had a right mare with sorting out my visa and have basically been winging it this whole way so hopefully I will help someone avoid some of the stress I had through applying for and completing my Indian visa.

Go to the correct web page

This sounds obvious, but there are a lot of websites claiming to sell Indian visas, THIS is the correct one!

Indian Mission

So when I saw this, I just got super confused because this makes no sense to me, but it basically means your consulate in your country. Mine was London because that’s my nearest consulate but on this page, it goes into more detail on how to apply and what to put in your Indian mission.

Visible Identification Marks

You can’t leave this blank, so you must put something here. I assume this is for incase you go missing, so I put that I have a birthmark, but you could use a tattoo or something similar. If you can’t think of anything at all, just write NONE in the box.

Educational Qualification

Again, some of these words are really confusing, so here are the definitions of each type.

  • BELOW MATRICULATION – less than 10th grade/year 11 education – not done GCSEs or equivalent yet.
  • GRADUATE – College or university education – higher education
  • HIGHER SECONDARY – Basically sixthform or college (A-levels or equivalent)
  • ILLITERATE – Not formally educated
  • MATRICULATION – 10th grade/year 11 level education (GCSES/equivalent)
  • POST GRADUATE – advanced study beyond college or university (MA, PhD, etc.)
  • PROFESSIONAL – professional /technical training or certification


You need to put here a reference for the UK (or wherever you live) and wherever you will be staying in India. If, like me, you hadn’t actually organised where you were staying and don’t particularly want to be tied down either, this doesn’t matter, just find the name of a hostel and put that and the address down.

The rest is pretty self-explanatory for the actual form but if I’ve missed something out, let me know!

After the form

After this is done, you need to proceed to payment (which is fairly expensive for a visa) and book your appointment. Once you have saved your application, you need to print it off and take note of your appointment.

To your appointment you must have two passport style photos, BUT these are different to the EU regulation ones. Most photo booths will have this as an option, but if not, here are the specifications:

“Two Indian passport sized colour photograph which must measure 5 cm x 5 cm, taken within the last six months, with a white background.”

PLEASE NOTE: When you go to your appointment, you will have to surrender your passport temporarily. It will be held and then delivered to the address on your application via courier after 3 working days. Take this into consideration as I didn’t realise until I turned up! You also can’t book your appointment more than 3 months before you travel because apparently then your visa is at their discretion and the period you’re allowed might not even be over your trip!

I will continue this post with more information once I hear anything else!



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