Ayutthaya: The Ruined City

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts from other travellers posting about underrated places to go in Thailand but nowhere in Thailand I went was as good as Ayutthaya. I don’t doubt that there are a million underrated places to visit there, but this is my favourite place we visited!

Ayutthaya is the capital city of Siam, which, when Siam became Thailand and the capital city became Bangkok, Ayutthaya became ruins. The temples were kept the best but even they fell into ruin. All it was was a two hour train journey from Bangkok, costing 15 baht each way for a third class train ticket (Read here for more information).

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How to be a full time student and still travel!

Everyone gets those holiday blues and wishes to be whisked away to some foreign country to sit under the sun or soak in some culture, but, unless you get a massive grant and loads of money from your parents, you’re likely to be, like me, a little stuck for money; my student loan doesn’t even cover my rent, let alone pay for travelling during summer!

It just takes being a little bit careful with your money – but remember, don’t overdo it as your degree is still the most important thing you’re doing during term time!

I have managed, so far, to start each September not in my overdraft, but still travel a fair bit.

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