Taxis in Bangkok

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been super busy with finishing university for the year and deadlines etc. I’m getting ready to head off to India on Wednesday too, so that’s taken up a bit of time! But, here’s a non-India related post before I shoot off and then flood this blog with India posts!

When I went to Thailand, Bangkok in particular, I noticed different coloured taxis. The different colours of the taxis simply mean that they are run by different companies. I was informed by a local that the green and yellow taxis were the best to get as they are privately owned.

photo credit: wikipedia

The pink taxis seemed to rip you off a lot more; all taxis are legally required to run off a meter and all have them installed, however the reaction we got when this was asked was differing. The pink taxis we asked got rather angry when asked to run on a meter and normally drove off or refused. We didn’t get a pink taxi on a meter once.

If you are getting a taxi, don’t both asking for a flat rate as they will always charge you more, always ask for it on the meter and get the green and yellow taxis! We experienced this when we were leaving a club in Bangkok and we asked a taxi how much they were charging. The pink taxi we asked quoted 300 baht, however, we were interrupted by our new acquaintance who moved us onto a green and yellow taxi, whom we asked to run on a meter and drove all four of us back for 57 baht!

There are some more different coloured taxis but they don’t seem to be as cheap as the green and yellow ones! 🙂

Keep posted for my posts on India – heading in 2 days time!!! 😀


3 thoughts on “Taxis in Bangkok

  1. faze-five says:

    All taxis run on the same Tariff, the green and yellow taxi’s are no cheaper than the Pink, Blue or red. The only difference is that the solid colored taxi’s are owned by either the driver or a third party. the Green and Yellow are rented from a company by the driver.
    All taxi’s should run off the meter, they don’t if they think they can get away with it, normally with a tourist and that would be any colour taxi! The problem isnt the colour of taxi, its the lack of policing of the drivers.
    However, help is now at hand, if the driver refuses you, you can get a pic of his license number and report him via an app the government have made. The authorities will then charge the driver 2-3 thousand baht for refusing a fair, or not using the meter.


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